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What are we?

Have you ever dreamed about the best pokemon? Have you ever made a Pokemon spriteand wished that you could show it to the world, or even have your pokemon incorporated into a fan game? If so, you are at the right place! On our site, you will be able to view fan Pokemon created by others and submit your own fake pokemon! We hope to soon have an E-mail up and running so that you can submit your own fake pokemon!

Notes To Spriters

Remember, we want you to submit sprites and info of your made-up pokemon, but it must fall under certain criteria!

 1. It must not be really, really, big! For examples on how big it should be about, view the already created pokemon!

 2. You must have a name, type(s), and a pokedex entry. If you cannot think something up, just tell us in the Email. Alao, please give a spriter name so we can give you credit, if it is your username on other spriting communities, that's great! Please DO NOT give your full name! 

 3. You may put together pieces of orginal pokemon, or make your own from scratch! Also, if you use pieces of another spriters fake pokemon, please give them partial credit. 

 4. To All Fan Game Developers: If you wish to use any of these sprites you may, but give credit to the spriter AND the PokeSprite website, along with our site URL. Thank You. 


   If you wish to send fake pokemon, color altered pokemon, or ask us any questions, please E-Mail us at pokemon@pokesprite.4t.com, or click on the link below. Please also choose a username, that has not yet been taken, and put your username in the "Subject" or "RE:" area. Thank you for helping us!

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